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A Sound System Package
B Sound System Package
C Sound System Package
D Sound System Package
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F Sound System Package
G Sound System Package
H Sound System Package
I Sound System Package

A Sound System

FOH Speakers, Amps

Qty 0-36     JBL VTX-V25-II-CS Main
Qty 0-30     JBL VTX-V20 Main or Out-Fill/Aux
Qty 4          JBL VTX V20 as front-fill
Qty 0-24     JBL VTX S28  (Flown or Ground)
Qty 0-24     JBL VTX G28 (Ground only)
Qty 0-46     Crown IT-12000-HD
Qty 0-12     Crown IT-4x3500-HD

FOH Consoles, Processing

Qty 1           Soundcraft Vi600 96-mono x 32-stereo-buss (4 engines 64IP Studer stagebox standard, )
**other consoles available upon request
Qty 1          Performance Manager System Control
Qty 1          XTA DP448
Qty 1          CD Player

Discrete Monitor System     (10 bi-amped wedge mixes, 4-Way Drum-fill, Stereo 4-Way Side-fills)

Qty 1          Soundcraft Vi600 96-mono x 32-mono-buss (3 engines 64IP Studer stagebox standard)
**other consoles available upon request
Qty 7-8       Crown IT-4x3500-HD
Qty 2          Crown IT-12,000-HD
Qty 16        JBL SRX 712M (Bi-Amp with new JBL v5 FIR filter presets)
Qty 0-4       JBL VTX-F15
Qty 0-4       JBL VT4889-1 SideFills (Large) OR {2x CSX-F35/95 (medium), OR 6-8xVT4886 (Small)}
Qty 0-4       JBL VTX-S28 SideFills (Large) OR {4x VTX-F18S (medium), OR 4xVT4883 (Small)}
Qty 1-2       JBL CSX-F35/95 (Dual 15” LF, 8” MF, D2 HF) Drum-Fill Top
Qty 2-4       JBL VTX-F18S Drum-Fill Sub

Mics, stands, DI’s Cables, Snakes

Qty 1          Whirlwind Super Concert 58 300’ FOH tail and 25’ monitor tail and 50’ record tail
Qty 20        K&M Tall Boom Mic stands
Qty 10        K&M Short Boom Mic Stands
Qty 1          K&M Super Short Boom Mic Stands
Qty 4          Atlas MS20C Heavy Duty Straight Mic Stands/Bases
Qty 4          Atlas MS12 Straight Stands/Bases
Qty 11        Shure SM 58
Qty 6          Sennheiser 904
Qty 4          Sennheiser 906
Qty 4          Shure SM 81
Qty 2          Shure PG 81
Qty 1          Shure Beta 91
Qty 1          Shure Beta 91A
Qty 1          Shure Beta 52
Qty 1          AKG D112
Qty 4          Shure Beta 87C
Qty 6          Shure SM 57
Qty 1          Shure Beta 57
Qty 2          Shure Switchable 58
Qty 4          Sennheiser 421
Qty 4          Shure Beta 98
Qty 3          Shure Beta 56A
Qty 4          BSS AR-133 Active DI’s
Qty 4          Countryman Type 85 Active DI’s
Qty 1          Radial ProAV2 DI
Qty 1          Radial TwinISO DI
Qty 10        Stereo Passive DI’s
Qty 2          50’ XLR
Qty 4          50’ Dual XLR
Qty 2          100’ XLR
Qty 1          100’ Dual XLR
Qty 30        10’ XLR
Qty 25        20’ XLR
Qty 25        30’ XLR

Other microphone options available upon request

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