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A Sound System Package
B Sound System Package
C Sound System Package
D Sound System Package
E Sound System Package
F Sound System Package
G Sound System Package
H Sound System Package
I Sound System Package

E Sound System

FOH Speakers, Amps

VTX-F Package
Qty 2          JBL CSX-F35/95 (Dual 15” LF, 8” MF, D2 HF)
Qty 6          JBL VTX-F18S (2,000watt 18” Subwoofer)
Qty 1          Crown IT-12,000-HD
Qty 1          Crown IT-5000-HD
Qty 1          Crown IT-4x3500-HD

VerTec Package
Qty 8-16     JBL VerTec 4886
Qty 6          VTX-F18S (18” Subs)
Qty 1          Crown IT-12,000-HD
Qty 1          Crown IT-4x3500-HD

FOH Consoles, Processing           
Qty 1          Soundcraft SiPerformer 3 (32+4x16)
Qty 1          CD Player

Monitor System (5 wedge mixes, 2-Way Drum-fill)

Qty 6                  JBL SRX 712M
Qty 1                  JBL SRX 725
Qty 3                  Crown IT8000

Mics, stands, DI’s Cables, Snakes

Qty 1          32x8 Snake with 150’ house tail
Qty 6          K&M Tall Boom Mic stands
Qty 5          K&M Short Boom Mic Stands
Qty 1          Atlas MS20C Straight Mic Stands
Qty 2          Atlas M20 Round Bases
Qty 8          Shure SM 58
Qty 6          Sennheiser 604
Qty 4          Sennheiser 609
Qty 3          Shure PG 81
Qty 1          Shure Beta 91
Qty 1          Shure Beta 57
Qty 3          Shure SM57
Qty 2          BSS AR133 Active DI
Qty 5          Stereo DI
Qty 1          Radial Pro AV2 DI
Qty 1          Radial Twin ISO


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